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I looked at that other code you mentioned but didn't know what to do with it since it looked ok to me

On the setup screens for the basic version I think the only thing needed is the tank fillup gallons and pulses for a set distance. So for the setup could we have an input for gallons per hour on the injector and pulses per mile? Gallons per hour could be estimated from the factory service manual for the car then fine tuned over a few tanks of gas. Pulses per mile could be calculated easily by driving the car a mile on a highway with mile marker signs.

If the gas was done in gph and they put in a number to start with when they fill up again it would say it thinks so much has been used and then they can adjust the gph value till it matches what has been actually used. So for the setup screen it could be something like:
Total ??.? gal

Then the pulses per mile could be like this
# Pulses ?????

The gph one could recalculate the total gal used as the number is adjusted. The ppm could start at 0 for # of pulses then they drive for one mile and that is the number that they input on the top. maybe one digit at a time then hit the middle button to advance to the next digit?

Just an idea but I am not sure if that is the best way to do it or one of the other ways would work out best. Since I am mainly just popping up here and there posting random code that won't compile with the software everyone is using

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