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Originally Posted by vwdevotee View Post
Hi, so I'm actually on page 75 of 112 now and had a couple of questions. Please forgive me if they've been answered, I'm still cruising and will reach them eventually. Anyway, I was just wondering if it would be possible to build a low profile version of the Cougar? I've got a purdy old amplifier that I was thinking of stealing the extruded aluminum case from. The whole unit could only be about 2 inches tall though to fit inside. My other questions are less aesthetically driven. Are there enough open I/O ports on the MCU to provide gauge feedback? Could a pulse signal be generated to mimic the tachometer pulse feed? What about controller temp sensor being used to drive the engine temp gauge in an instrument cluster? And the pack voltage to drive the fuel gauge in the cluster? Thanks in advance for all your input!
In order to fit the controller inside the amplifier case, you would have to basically redesign the power section from scratch. It would require a special design to fit circuit board and most likely caps that are larger in diameter and shorter in height. Its defiantly a possibility to do, but time consuming. I was working on going this route once, but stopped because of many factors.

As for tach output, The controller has the ability to output a pulse to run a tach with a little bit more hardware, but you first need to feed a tach signal into the controller to know the speed the motor is spinning. This also requires some hardware.

There currently code being worked on and tested to monitor and limit RPM based on one of the input pins on the ISP port that is not used after initial programming.

As for driving a temp gauge, This would just require some hardware and some code.

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