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Originally Posted by cfguy2000 View Post
Filling up past the first auto-click off is just a waste of your money. The auto-shutoff valve sucks the excess gas back into the pump thinking that it won't fit in your gas tank. I was a gas station attendant for several years and I have had classes on this.
I am having a hard time believing that....can you provide some source for this info????

Maybe it's just me, but if I can see the gas, then I don't think it is getting sucked back into the pump Because if I'm understanding you accurately, then I would be able to stand there all day, continue clicking past the cutoff and never spill a drop.

Now that I think for a moment, I do believe at some stations they have a type of "vapor recovery system" that is supposed to pull the vapors back somehow to help eliminate their escape into the atmosphere as you this what you are talking about???

And, Old Tele man... thanks for the link. That had some good info in it that I'm gonna have to read through again to make sure I understand how the vapor system works.
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