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Originally Posted by cdmclaughlin View Post
I suppose I should ask what the miles are on the body even if the engine was rebuilt and I am planning to rebuild the tranny? Also, am I correct in assuming that the synchro on this is the same as any other tranny (and therefore not hard to find), that only the gearing is different?
If I'm remembering correctly the tealy has approx. 170K. You might want to research trans rebuilding, it's probably the single most complicated and difficult task one could take on. Somewhere out on the web is a great write up about it, done by a retired doctor, and it was a chore to say the least. Yes, the final drive gear is the only difference. If it were me, I would find a another trans. I should go over to the yard near here, there was an xfi in the crush pile before the snows came, thy wanted $200 for the trans if I remember. Might already be gone though. They're still out there, but you might have to pick it up on the way back west via a route. Check Auto Parts Market too if you haven't already.

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