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Originally Posted by JethroBodine View Post
JeepNmpg2- I thought Scanguages were OBD2. My Jetta is a 90.


My bad, I read your post on my cell phone and for whatever reason thought your Jetta was a 00. You are correct about the Scangauge being OBDII only, but maybe a vacuum gauge would help your mileage.

Reminds me of the last time I rented a Uhaul truck they had this odd guage built into the dash (I'll assume that it was a vacuum gauge) that whenever you got on the gas the needle would move from the green zone to the red zone. Not all that helpful for in town being as it was severely underpowered to haul 8,000 lbs of stuff, but I suppose for a freeway trip that would help you not floor it the whole way.
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