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Originally Posted by 4mula View Post
Yes, the gray box/relay is beside the fuse box. Not sure about how to use your cruise for that. I finished mine a couple days ago with a toggle switch, then tucked it under the dash somewhere convenient to me, but not so obvious to anyone trying to steal my car! So when it's parked I just leave it "off", and also use it as my kill switch when driving, just flip it off, wait a sec then back on.

This is my first attempt to atach pics, so here it goes. . .
Here is a pic of the relay with harness unplugged, then the harness with the ground wire removed, then you see my wires running from the harness and from the ground wire which lead to the toggle switch (last photo):
4mula, thanks much for the awesome photos and explanation.

I'd like to have two switches, a kill switch for driving, and an anti-theft toggle.

That's a really nice toggle you're using. Where might I find one like that?

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