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Originally Posted by twotires View Post
I've made a dumb move. ...

My question: Do you think (13) 470ufs will be OK - they should fit OK like the pic below - or should I spring an additional $60 and get the 25mm dia 820 ufs?

You could always build it and measure the temperature of the caps while in operation. If they get really hot, like anywhere near their rating, they probably won't last long.

I think the originals are rated at 105C and I measured a typical operating temp of 65C (about 20C above ambient) while cruising at about 200A, for reference (that's off of memory though, the numbers are somewhere in a previous post).

BTW - I'd think that short bursts of high currents would be ok on the caps. Most controllers don't have enough caps to handle their max current, but enough for the continuous current.
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