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I took off the glove compartment door, popped off the little side panel, and there's a gray box that looks like pgm-F1 and has the following information.

CME corporation
Relay Assy. Main
RZ - 0158
Mexico TEM 12v

Is this it? There's an orange colored plug in the bottom, that has 2 green, 2 yellow, 2 striped, and 1 black wire going into it. I popped off the plug but think that's not necessary to pull out the wire. Is there any way I can make sure this is the right wire, for example trying to start the car with it out?

Then I pull out the black wire (with pliers) and insert the wires for the k/switch, yes?

How can the k/switch be routed through the base of the shifter?

It looks like I could put a (2nd) safety switch right behind the top of the glove compartment door.
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