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200mpg? LOL. Is that all you got?

So if you take a 200mpg carb and add my soon to be patented as yet unnamed invention, an HHO kit, a K&N filter, plasma spark plugs, fuel magnets, 3.6oz of acetone, and a ram air intake, the resulting reverse particle flow flux capacitance of the induced waveform reverberations causes a polarizing decay of the oxy-carbonic reaction, creating subatomic reverse flow induced de-combustion. This then allows the reverse atrophy chain reaction inductance to literally "pull your chain" down the highway. Ha ha. get it? In simple english, YOUR TANK FILLS UP AS YOU DRIVE. I have had to create a new rating system called GCPM (gallons created per mile) I have this very set up on my 1975 Plymouth Viking Commander with a dbbl barrel 455, and I'm getting 1.6 gcpm but when I go to the gas station to get rid of all the extra gas I'm creating, they THINK I'M CRAZY. ROFLMAOYSST.

Please help me save the world/get rich by investing in my invention. These things don't make themselves, you know.

Vortex generators are old tech. My new and improved vortex alternators are unstoppable.

"Itís easy to explain how rockets work but explaining how a wing works takes a rocket scientist."
-Philippe Spalart

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