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That was another option I was thinking of, using the heat from the controller to warm the cabin, and completely enclosing the controller is a good idea since the Kelly is not all-weather optimized. Its also not isolated, so reducing any chance accidental shorts is a good thing. I do want to avoid running a fan the whole time if I can, but I can duct air from the hood vent easily enough.
It's not even that complicated. Cut a hole in the enclosure for the fan. Mount the controller to your car floor. Cut a hole in the body of the car next to the controller. Place the enclosure over the controller and the hole in the car. Air will be evacuated from the cabin over the controller and out the hole in the body. For winter, take off the enclosure and simply have a fan circulating cabin air over the controller to cool it, and to warm the cabin.

PS - I was referring to having the controller inside the car, which would make weather a non-issue. The only use for the enclosure is to route hot air outside of the car. With the controller under the hood, not much of the heat would make it inside the car at low temperatures, and you would lose recirculation, which is your only hope of heating the cabin with such a limited heat source.

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