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Release Two Workspace (/Fork name TBD)

(Edit: All-ears for a name for this "fork" project, preferably something easy to say )

Let's build some momentum in this. Hardware has changed, the project has changed, the code has changed, absolutely everything about the project has changed. I know I'm not the... you know... the guy to take any credit for the project, but I think I can really, really help here. I've been limited in MPGuino's design, trying to keep it within the parameters of the original, so I can document it and allow others to copy the same things I've added. But the more I use my MPGuino, the more I wish I could just gut it and rebuild it with a new UI, and perhaps most of all, a new structure that allows for that new UI. Basically, gutting it and creating "Release Two".

So here's my contribution... I've got my Arduino all wired up and ready to take on the task. I want to help create Release Two, hopping right over the shy v1.0... maybe we could call the current code (v0.86) "v1.0". Or maybe this is a "fork"... I dunno. Really, I've never formally contributed to any open-source project before, so feel free to reach up to my high horse and kick my arse off

Here's the plan... keep this post updated with the latest release info, and the next post reserved for anything "else" that may come up (just good practice in my experience). Keep the wiki updated with the forum info (as everyone goes to the wiki first), and we work here on anything related to this subject. As for development, we take the core of MPGuino V1, which works very very well already, and adapt a new framework to hold and run it. A new runtime loop, integrating as many parts of the official Arduino IDE as would help the project (and keeping "custom" the ones that don't) - after all, we have 32KB of Flash to work with on all modern Arduino-based systems (and prebuilt MPGuino devices) using the '328 chip.

I've always been a fan of playing Arduino with Arduino, so in the spirit of open-accessibility, I want to stop breaking Arduino rules (20MHz, alternate IDEs, etc) and stick to things the community can contribute to. Make the code easily switchable between 20MHz (MPGuino board) and 16MHz (everyone else), as it is in my test version. Reel the code base back in from the compatible-but-confusing "cpp" extension and make it accessible as an Arduino project, as it properly still is today. Keep the Wiki up-to-date and remove outdated and broken references. Get the word out, and make it easier to get the word out about the project - after all, who doesn't want this thing sitting on their dash?

So without further adieu... let us begin the daunting task of polishing MPGuino.

(BTW, on a personal level, yeah, I'm pretty easy to un-inspire. If you want to kill the project, fine, just lay out a blanket statement of how this whole idea is stupid, or just sit there looking at the "reply" button without pushing it. I really want to help push this project along but there's no point if it's not helping anyone... of course this will only apply 'til (if?) we reach the second page I'm sure )

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