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Originally Posted by Joenavy85 View Post
what state are you living in?? you'll never see that around here, people merging in expect everyone else to slow to their speed and let them merge (a reason i like having a jeep, if they fail to merge properly, i win in the end)
See, I don't get this - why not adjust your speed and let people in even if they are numpties ? What do you win, a shiny badge ?

In fact why is merging so hard ? If you are on the road people are joining how hard can it be to move over, or if that is busy just slow down or speed up to open a gap and let someone in ? If you are using cruise at this point maybe you shouldn't be. RTFM.

Equally if you are joining and people are slowing to open a gap, don't bl@@dy well slow down as well.

(By 'you' of course I mean the metaphorical concept of 'a driver' not anyone specific here... )

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