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Gas pump question

Is it me or have the catch (little latch) on gas pumps dropped from three to two clicks?

I used to remember being able to set the catch on the lowest setting and it taking enough time to fill the tank for me to be able to wash the windshields (front and back) and side windows, put the squeegee back, and then the tank would be filled and done.

Now it seems that I barely have time to squeegee the front windshield and the tank is filled. Have gas pumps sped up to help decrease fill time for giant sized newer gas tanks or have they simply removed the slowest setting on the catch lever?

I started thinking about all this when I recently filled my VX and there were only two settings on the catch on the pump. It seemed like fast, and super fast were my choices for the speed of the pump. Now before you go ribbing me about just holding the pump where it would normally be for the old, slow speed, know this: When I fill up with gas (which is about every two weeks) I take that chance to wash the windows and mirror, as well as tail lights (when needed).


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