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Originally Posted by TomO View Post
Thanks fellas, I thought I was going a little loony for a bit.

I know that some of the new pumps are so fast and touchy with their auto shut-off that I have to resort to the hand-held method since the fill tube of my VX seems to be pretty narrow and triggers the shut-off relentlessly.

Hmm, I wonder if I could make a device to hold the pump at a slow speed to gain back some cleaning time and get even more accurate fills?
Sure you could. Instead of using the latch on the nozzle, try using your car key (or any other object of the desired height) to hold the nozzle partially open, but not wide open.

I'm surprised your state still allows having the latches on self-serve pumps. In most states they have mandated removal of them, except on full-serve pumps. Most of us simply jam the gas cap in the nozzle handle to keep the pump running rather than hold it for the whole time of refueling. It's technically illegal to do it - but that's another unenforceable law, conjured up by our busybody legislators.
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