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Originally Posted by Hip001 View Post
we were cruising 85mph up I-75.
I think I can see your first problem: Since when is 85 MPH cruising? I think the word you are looking for here is 'barreling'. Fuel consumption goes up exponentially with speed so keep it below 60 and you will probably see much higher MPG Remember, when you are an ecomodder, every day is a Sunday drive

I know this is a easy target for many jokes and one liners
No jokes from me. I drive a Previa for my business. Minivans are better than SUVs for just about everything. Safer, much more cargo space, seating, MPG, much harder to roll over, etc. Let em laugh.

Yes, you can get good mileage from a Sienna. How high all depends on how far you are willing to take it. I get 35+ on the highway with my Previa but I have done a lot of mods.

For easy mods, start with tire pressure and/or LRR tires, grille block, low viscosity synthetic oil for the engine, smooth wheel covers, block heater.

For driving, watch far ahead and anticipate lights. Cruise between lights, don't race up to red lights then slam on the brakes. That's your biggest loss in the city. Don't idle. Turn off the van when you are stopped for longer than a few seconds. This makes a bigger difference than you think.

Bigger mods will give you bigger savings but there's somewhere to start.
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