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I'll have to look into that. There have been a few times where I needed to put it into 4wd in the in-law's driveway, even when there was no snow. Mostly it was to access the low range so that I didn't burn my clutch when doing some creative tight maneuvering (long story). Even if I do disconnect the drive shaft, the front wheels will still turn the front axles, which will still turn the front diff. I'm not sure how much difference the drive shaft will make at that point. I've looked into locking hubs, but that seems like an expensive and labor intensive route. I think my first step is to get the SG so that I know what benefit I actually reap from the mods that I do. I'm hoping to put a little tax rebate money toward that so I should have one in maybe a couple weeks. Once I have that, I'll get under the truck and see what I can disconnect.
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