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Some folks asked about side effects. I just had a coil and perhaps an ignition control module fail (I know coil was bad and replaced both). I do not know if it was from this mod or not. Only situation I can think of is that the coil being powered and not discharging caused it to burn out internally? This may not have been the reason for it as the car had an unknown amount over 250,000 miles on it when I acquired it. The cap and rotor were also corroded, which can cause an increase in resistance that can have a negative affect on the life of the coil.

I am well enough convinced that the mod is not the reason for the failed coil, enough that I have decided to keep my current instillation of the kill switch as described in the first post of this thread.

EDIT a little research shows that the coil and Ignition control module failure is fairly common for these cars due to inadequate cooling.

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