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Last night I was able to etch and populate 90% of the board that will be used to measure output of the charger. This board contains a closed loop hall effect sensor thats 0.25% accurate as well as isolated voltage measurement circuit.

My goal with this board is 0-60A and 0-400V all isolated.

The connectors and PCB will be the weak point. However, The circuit board is 5oz and the connectors are meaty. They say they are rated for 30A, but in comparison to other connectors rated to 30A, they are much much heavier. Other connectors have 2 pins that go through the pcb that are the same size as these ones. These have 6 though. Only testing will revele the real current limit.

All thats left to add are the dc-dc converters for isolation that I was not able to afford yet. They are about $15 each...

Well enjoy!


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