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Originally Posted by sawickm View Post
Hi Adam,

Thanks for sharing the development of your charger project, It's looking good !!!

Question, how does it all go together? How many modules to make up the complete Charger ? (Controller PCB, Display PCB, Current Sensor PCB, IGBT's ????)

Hello Mark,

The answer is 3-4 really.

The display and controller are all 1. The driver module plugs onto the back of the controller board. The current/voltage measurement board is connected with a lead cable to the controller board. This is to keep the high power stuff away from the logic a little bit. Thats all thats really needed to make it work. After this, there will be another power board that will have the power factor correction stage on it. Again, optional. Also, there is another optional line sensing board that will measure line voltage and current as well as power factor and other cool stuff. Thats mostly because i like to see everything thats going on. The controller will calculate line current enough to keep it limited from tripping the breaker.

As for the measurement, If you have a full BMS system in the car, that can measure current into the pack and pack voltage, it could be adapted to work off those readings.

So I guess the final answer is anywhere from 2 (controller and driver) up to 5 (Controller, Driver, Current/Voltage Measurement, Line Measurement, and PFC.

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