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Peakster -

Originally Posted by Peakster View Post
If that's for real, that's pretty crazy. Driving at 70 MPH, my car can only dream about getting 45 MPG. Maybe I should message the director who made this video.
Ok, I saw the video. That's only the hydrogen/oxygen generator and the water trap, not the other gizmos I was mentioning (EDIT below). If he's driving at 70 MPH, then he's not trying to be gentle on the pedal. I think that we would say that he needs a larger sample size. 32 miles is too short a distance to discount pump error. However, his claim seems to be overall MPG, not the youtube example.

Interesting. I never drove my car at 70 MPH with the hydrogen generator. Maybe I should fire it up again.

EDIT: I take that back, he is using another gizmo, an EFIE-equivalent, an oxygen sensor voltage modifier :

Oxygen Sensor Voltage Boost

I think he's one of us, .


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