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albyneau -

Originally Posted by albyneau View Post
Okay ~ thank you all for your input...
BUT NOW I'M PISSED OFF! I spent 25 minutes following links and typing responses to all your thoughtful inputs~ and GOT TIMED OUT and lost it all! That's the kind of BS that leads a fella to goin other directions.. IS THERE A FIX???
Welcome to EM, and sorry about that.

When you login, check the "Remember Me?" box.

Also, all long posts on all forums are at risk of being timed out. It could happen if your internet provider goes offline or it could happen if the Ecomodder server goes down. For super long posts, use Notepad to do the typing and then copy-paste it into the reply box.

Web browers are killer aps until the web stops working, then they're dumbo apps.


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