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22 MPH is about 700 RPM. At that speed, there is a shuddering due to the torque pulses but the engine appears to run smoothly. I do try to stay below about 10 lbs MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) at less than 1000 RPM because it runs smoother there. At 700 RPM, the voltage will drop to below 14 volts.

It is challenging to properly DWL the Canyon. The mapping from the gas pedal to the throttle plate is variable such that the MAP will change by several PSI with the gas pedal held dead still. I find that 90% of my driving is between 7 and 10 lbs MAP.

Safety is important. I only scan instruments when nobody is close. No close oncoming traffic, nobody in a position where they could pull out in front, nobody close in front who could stop quick, no tailgaters behind, no tight curves or hills with short sight distance, no obvious hazards, no deer standing by the road, etc. It takes practice.
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