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the grill is intriqing.
car makers are already building grilles uot of plastic......
this product probalby only uses 10-15% more material to make it adjustable
the added benefit is 2 fold: aerodynamic improvement and engine effeciency.

Nova seem to be a direct supplier to car manufacturers only.


I am wondering though, what if instead of a specific finished enduse grille for EACH car, the create a generic product in several sizes thart fit behind the factory grill?????
It could be trimmed and then 'formfitted' with some type of foam trim similar to the large foam trim that home depote sells for garage doors

There would certainly be a market for the product.
Look at how many Cold Air Intakes are sold on false promise!!!

to aerodynamic gurus-
is there a measurable lose in aerodynamic air flow?
test 1: the front of the grill is blocked with a smooth material
test 2: the adjustable shutter grille insert sits 1-2 inches behind the grille (let us assume that when the shutter is closed, there is 99% blockage of air passing thru)

thinking uotloud......once the space behind the front grille is 'filled' with air that is not going anywhere does that keep the air that is trying to get in out? and that air then just flows over the front grille?
or is turbulance created that ofsets any gain?

remembering that there is still the secondary (or primary) gain of the warm egine management?
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