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Lazarus -

Originally Posted by Lazarus View Post
I agree with Carlos there are too many problems with the protocol. Drive 32 miles one way fill up at a different pump. I've seen plenty of gaslogs with short fills that are 5-10 mpg better than normal and that's using the same pump to fill. I imagine any increase in FE came from the EFIE but with the test protocol there is no way to tell if there was any increase at all.
Yeah, the EFIE/02 spoof is something that I have always wondered about in terms of the hydrogen system. I *know* the EFIE works because I can see the A/F ratio go lean with my digital A/F gauge. The question is, where does the EFIE end and the hydrogen begin in terms of MPG gain? I just don't know. I think that the point of the hydrogen is to help the car's driveability under lean burn conditions.

I think that when the system is set up just right, you can set the EFIE even more lean while maintaining driveability. In that situation, the hydrogen generator would justify itself, so long as the MPG gain is greater than the MPG loss as a function of the Amperage draw from the hydrogen generator.


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