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Originally Posted by steffen707 View Post
Unless you made a mpguino from a kit, the one from dcb does not have a usb port. You have to buy an arduino to program the chip. So then you have to unplug it from the socket on the mpguino, plug it into your arduino, upload the new code to it from your computer and usb cable, then pop the chip out of arduino and put it back into the socket on the mpguino.

Unless you've done something else, and would like to share with us. Im interested. Also the crx factory clock location would be a great spot to mod and mount the mpguino. Ive got one in my 97 ek hatch and will be putting one in the drag crx as well.
I'm working with an Arduino Nano. I like it because it's small and has the USB port. Arduino - ArduinoBoardNano

For the clock install I will be laying out a custom circuit board with all surface mount components and I intend to include the USB port on that board. Because I will be using surface mount components the processor chip can't be removed for programming.

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