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Originally Posted by FalconFour View Post
MPGuino *IS* still Arduino at heart
nope, the arduino baggage and dependencies have been removed. I don't want to come between you and arduino, enjoy your honeymoon. But mpguino got an annullment years ago and didn't bother with a name change. Get over it, not a valid argument.

definitions: modder, I mean the guy modding his car, not an electronics/programming geek who probably should be working on his car.

Since coming up with a unique name is apparently a big deal, I will have to expand on the cons list I guess

I will prefix this with I like arduino for learning. But the more I see folks get "stuck" there, i.e. singlesytemitis, the less I'm liking it.

arduino cons:
CON: endless stream of newbie programmers, some of whom know best.
CON: endless irrationality surrounding words ending in uino
CON: newbies do not necessarily do a good job testing "hey it worked once!"
CON: newbies do not necessarily do a good job prioritizing
CON: arduino breaks stuff in new versions, ignore this on your own time please.
CON: arduino is a tiny subset of the larger atmega community. limited skill set.
CON: ISP is far and away the most common way to program atmegas. Why cripple yourself? It is cheap and easy and you can make useful changes. you STILL need specialized hardware for arduino (firmware chip and ftdi usb and drivers) so that is a dumb argument. You can get an ISP programmer for less than any arduino and be free.
CON: the arduino crowd is sorta willfully stupider about the hardware and gcc than the avr crowd, and this is by choice. They are more likely to wash their hands at complicated problems or hardware issues. WHEN something goes wrong or you need to do something that arduino won't let you, you still need to know how the hardware works and what gcc does with it.
CON: 20mhz means your injector readings are 20% more accurate.
CON: supports "any hardware that arduino supports". This is a tool, get it working on ONE $3 chip and quit screwing around debugging on a bunch of pointless chips (see prioritizing). The guy doing cdA tests absolutely doesn't care. It is just another wrench in the toolbox. The guy who does care sees technology as an end unto itself=pointless IMHO.
CON: is completely AVR centric. It may be that microchip is a better choice for version 2.
CON: no control over chip fuses/self crapping bootloader. modder drags the power lead on the battery and has to mail away for a new chip, or has to learn how to program the hardware TWO different ways.
CON: lots of real world devices using AVR that an arduino dependant cannot touch.
CON: arduino is a moving target on top of a rather stable gcc.
CON: very few modders would actually bother to mess with any reprogramming, arduino for reprogramming by itself is enough of a hurdle to thwart most users. The tiny few remaining should have no qualms about figuring out ISP as it only enables them to do greater things.
CON: this is a huge distraction from real features.
CON: I grew tired of being an angry arduino user already trying to future proof what I need for the mpguino project, I'm done talking about it, not going back, no point at all, glorified communal onanism after a certain point. Try gcc, you will like it fine, then we can talk about details. Those avrfreaks REALLY know their stuff.

BTW, you say the code compiles to 10kb, but really this is the "oooh shiney" code that has been totally stripped of functionality, so how is that a valid point of reference?

edit: arduino even f-ed up their forum. Now it is all like some give us your credit cards lego whizbang crap with awful ergonomics and all previous user contributions were cast aside.

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