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Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
1800 pounds with a 1 liter engine and supercharging or turbocharging for emergency power bursts. 60 MPG at 60 MPH should be the standard today. Maybe in a decade.

Why wait a whole decade ? Toyota make that car now, and it has the same safety rating at the Yaris which I think is sold in the US ? It even has an auto option for the hard of thinking.

Nissan make essentially an identical car to the Aygo with the Pixo - also sold as a Suzuki.

GM even sold a 1.0 3cyl 12v Corsa in Europe - that's the same company that decided not to sell the Metro any more in the US.

This is not an engineering "what is possible" issue. It is a "what will those people buy and we can make money on" issue.

The technology is there, other people buy it.

Americans aren't even offered it.

EDIT - no supercharger - but guess what, people manage to survive without it.
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