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Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
...Are any tires actually spec'd this low? I usually only see 44, I think. That's what mine are.

...Have you ever seen the police article that advocated 50PSI for increased traction and performance? Very interesting. My own anecdotal evidence with overinflated tires shows me little (noticable) difference in traction...
Just to reply to a couple questions you asked:

I'm suggesting using a car where the car itself is originally spec'd for somewhere near 30 psi. Of course its current tires are likely max sidewall 44 psi.

It's the car maker's spec I want to compare against in the testing. My son's 2005 Hyundai Elantra is spec'd for 35 psi all around, whereas my '89 Volvo is spec'd for something like 27. I suspect most cars from late '80s through mid 90's are spec'd somewhere near 30 psi but the tires on them now have max sidewall of either 35 or 44 psi.

So by testing a car from that era we have an OE spec of about 30 psi and we can test that braking performance vs. performance with the same (modern current) tires pumped up to somewhere between 50-60 psi.

Police magazine article
I've referenced it in plenty posts on those boards. It doesn't convince all readers. Not that our testing would necessarily convince non-hypermilers, but at least we'd
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