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I see you started a gas log - excellent!
And of course with a 5 speed Metro you'll have lots of potential for high mpg.

You'll want to be as consistent as you can doing your fillups so it gets filled to the same level each time. As well as you can, anyway. My own preferences:

1) Same gas station, same pump, in the a.m. when the fuel is as dense as possible, so you get the most fuel for your money.
2) Squeeze handle not all the way, for less splashing and general turbulence in the fill tube.
3) About 1 or 1.5 gallons before it should click off, reduce to a slow fill. One tenth gallon per 2.5 to 3 seconds. That way it will fill nearly to top of neck and should cut off at the same point always, as long as you're at the same pump. Keep an eye on it though, once I re-started after an early clickoff, with a very gentle squeeze, and it never clicked off. Spilled over instead, not good!
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