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Originally Posted by nwbabybronco View Post
Many trucks, like my Ranger, have some rake. My assumption had been that this was for load carrying, so the truck would level out rather than squat.

But, it's possible there is an aerodynamic benefit as well. Would that be different than the benefit of an air dam?
An SAE paper I looked at this morning ( its old an from Fiat) had results from wind tunnel studies for scale models.Their take on airdams was that for a clean-bottomed vehicle an airdam could actually increase drag.For a dirty-bottomed vehicle they would probably help.Since the Ranger has a torture-chamber for an underside,my guess is that the airdam is for you.CAR and DRIVER's Pinto and Z-car projects both saw mpg improvements with airdams.They are an industry standard now for passenger cars. Corvette and Firebird Trans AM run very deep airdams,however,they are "bottom-breathers" with no grilles,and take in all their air from below the bumper.Try to get as much air around the Ranger as you can.
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