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Originally Posted by RobertSmalls View Post
It might be helpful in a few situations, but:

*a variable grille block would be simpler, lighter, and more effective. It's the holy grail of grille blocks, and I think a simple, universal, easily duplicated automatic variable grille block should be our focus.
*you'd need a large, heavy reservoir for continuous operation of a water sprayer
*if you really need cooling in a hurry, the small amount of heat an ecomodder's engine produces can be easily dissipated by the heater core
*dropping a few mph is usually adequate to bring me back to nice and cool operation
A racer on another forum said they had variable grille blocks, but didn't offer many details. Do you have any ideas on where to buy or how to build one? Here in Florida, I definitely couldn't do a full-time radiator block of any appreciable size.
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