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I am looking to go LED as I want to get rid of the alternator and water pump and one of the largest power pigs is the headlights at 110watts (55 each)

my lights output 1400 lumens. I am going to use a 20watt warm white LED with an output of 1900 lumens. (so after lens losses and REAL lumen output its probably 1200-1400 ie more than enough)

I am going to mount a 4inch by 6 inch by half in solid copper plate where the lights go now with 2 massive solid copper heatsinks mounted onto the backside and the LED mounted to the front.

thats more than enough copper to keep them cool. I make "slot" the front of the copper for both looks and to increase cooling even more !!

my only problem is HOW do I focus the stinking light? I have the copper and the sinks already. I have 2 different LED's on the way from china to test out.

I just don't know how to do that. Suggestions?

HID is just not efficient enough for me. while they are 35watt at the bulb they are 48watt at the battery (driver losses are pretty high) ie only 6 watts less than the halogens. sure you get more light but I do not CARE about more light I want lower power.

I wish someone made a true 15watt (22-24 at the battery) hid system which would put out about the same lumens as a halogen.
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