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I'm not debating that the gold standard isnt perfect, or that the Fed isn't controlled by government, the point is that government allows this to happen.. and its effecting people.

The second point was that oil is a commodity and the price for trading commodities has been fairly level while incomes have comparatively fallen, in 1964 for insttance, 2 earner familys were not the norm to make ends mean.. now its almost a given and very rare that it isnt 2 earners in the family.

Point is that people are financially stressed out because of there dollars not going as far for everything from food to fuel and its effecting people's habits now. As another post stated they are spotting more Metros on the roads now, yeah people are fixing up those fuel efficient cars as it makes more sense when they dump $70+ into the tank of there minivans and SUV's on a weekly basis.. It makes total sense.

yeah i know its called fiat money, and were not talking about a little Italian car..

I actually had a 79' Fiat Strada, was a great car that pulled down 40 mpg with a automatic.. till it got T boned by a delta 88..

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