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Originally Posted by ebacherville View Post
the point is that government allows this to happen.. and its effecting people.

Point is that people are financially stressed out because of there dollars not going as far for everything from food to fuel and its effecting people's habits now.
The government is allowing it to happen becuase they are trying to prevent the next great depression and they are right in doing so.

The US$ was over valued for a long time. Case in point, around 2000 a $Cdn bought around 62cents U.S.. As of today it buys around 99cents. Commodities rise and fall and right now oil like all other energy is on the rise, but oil is not $122 a barrel because of speculation, lack of refining capacity, ANWAR closed from drilling or a decline in the US$, plain and simple world demand is outpacing supply. A series of events that individually would not hurt excessively happen to be occuring all at the same time. How is that anybodies fault? I am at a loss at the point you were trying to make with your post that had the video.
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