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No a relay is enough. If I do a 72v system I am thinking 3 speed. 24v 48v 72v 3 buttons.

Press button one when maxed press button 2 when maxed press button 3. IF it has enough torque screw all that and just go 72v from the get go. One button.

I am not looking to make an electric car. I have NO expectation of being able to MOVE a 3700 pound minivan on a junkyard EV motor alone. I want to "assist" the ICE enough to dramatically increase fuel economy. Thats all. MAYBE even enough to let me FAS for miles at a time on nice level or sloping terrain at cruise speed. Who Knows :-)

No controllers no nothing. Just "jack" in the power and GO. the "controller adjustment" is the piece of carbon sitting in the drivers seat with his foot on the accelerator :-) IE I adjust the ICE throttle as needed.

I am thinking sickeningly simple here. AWD rear axle DIRECT DRIVE to the Electric Motor.

Motor connected directly to the batteries simple "on/off" via the button controlled relay. Thats it. Heck the drive wires would only need to be 3 feet long as I would put the batteries in the back cargo area directly above where the rear axle is.

I can get junkyard WORKING car batteries for $18 a pop. So $108 in batteries $125 for the axle assembly (complete) and whatever for the EV motor hopefully another junkyard or freebie find. I already have a good 60amp continuous charger on hand. And whatever that beast of a relay is going to cost. the MOMENT I have to think about "controllers" this project is a non starter. I do not have that kind of money.

No Regen. No Pure EV. etc..

IF and ONLY if it proves itself functional THEN I can look into better quality batteries.

Eventually if the MPG gain is sufficient to warrant it I want to go NIMH powered. IF I can figure out a feasible way to CHARGE it I can build a 30amp hour 72volt nimh pack for $900 - Every time I have an extra $300 I can add another 10 amp hours to the pack.

Lithium is not an option for me. Far to expensive Far to unreliable Far to wasteful and far to short lived relative to there cost.

But first I go the $108 junkyard pack path to see if it will even work well enough to be worth the effort. I am seriously going to attempt to do this over the summer. Just got to find a motor :-)
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