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Originally Posted by chancy View Post
Maybe that's why dreamers leap ahead of the naysayers because they can believe and then DO the so called impossible.
Best of luck.

My only advise ...keep your objectivity about the evidence at hand.

In terms of a 200 MPG corroborator ... there are real world energy needs for aerodynamics , rolling resistance , friction , etc ... and there are real world limits to the amount of chemical energy per gallon of a particular fuel... like it or not.

We do still have more to learn ... absolutely ... but that doesn't mean science knows absolutely nothing either.

It is usually best to stand on the shoulders of giants ( as they say ) , learn from the others that have come before you ... if you are convinced a square wheel is better than a round one and just dismiss all the naysayers ... you will waste allot of time reproving what has already been proved before.

Regular Gasoline @ 200MPG @ 100% efficiency only has 180 wh/mile of energy to use to move a vehicle ... that is all it has ... the only way to get more energy per mile is to use a more energy dense fuel than regular gasoline ... that wh/mile energy limit puts a real world limit on the maximum amount of friction ( wind, rolling, etc. ) a vehicle can over come ... those are just some of the harsh realities ... and the highest peak efficiency I know of from a real world ICE is only about ~50% efficiency ... without more than 50% efficiency you only have 90wh/mile of energy to move with from regular gasoline @200MPG... like it or not.

Either way , best of luck ... but you will be more successful and make more progress if you remain objective with the evidence at hand.
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