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i'm a cheep ba5+ard & i'm unemployed at the moment. so i can not afford the systems on the market. i fashioned a spray system from a chrome water fire extinguisher i had, and 4 of nozzles from a patio mister set up & a few fittings & hoses from a box store. just 10 psi and it starts to mist. it works best at 40 psi so i only full the tank to 50psi. i used an old lawn mower throttle cable to pull on the squeeze valve. i can then cool my truck pulling the hills outside of los angeles. This is on my 64 Chevy pu with the old inline six. the temp rises just a tad over my comfort range when pulling my trailers. i pull the Castaic grade in second gear and that slows the speed so i'm not getting very much air through the grill.

the system works to my satisfaction and brings the gauge down to just over level driving range. remember, the factory gages have no numbers, just a cold; hot; and a "normal range" painted line... C |______| H so i'm just eyeballing it
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