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A couple of months ago, I attended the first day of a three day car swap meet. As I was taking the shuttle bus toward where my car was parked, we got all bogged down in Friday afternoon traffic.

I had some materials to return to the library that I wanted to turn in on time THAT DAY so I wouldn't have to make a second near 50 mile trip the next day.

We were getting nowhere fast, so I asked the driver if he would let me out, but at first he refused, saying it was between regular stops. After we sat some more, he relented, and left that bus in the dust just by walking. Later, when I got to about 1/4mile from my car, checking my watch, I started running a little faster than a jog.

I knew some other backroads around the traffic issue, and made for the library. I kept watching the clock....the challenge was was like I was living a video game!

I have had past experience in time-distance rallies, so I was all fired up!

I was still driving for mileage too, but really super concentrating on racing lines and smoothness.

With 2 blocks to go, I actually slightly accelerated like regular people do, time was running out! For my comfort, I drive in socks.

When I got parked, I stuffed my shoes on w/o taking the time to tie them! I came blowing through the front door about 30 seconds before they were about to lock it!

I got a dirty look initially from the librarian behind the counter, thinking I was in poor taste, and would keep them overtime! But I turned in my stuff, picked up some holds that were waiting for me, and returned to him in seconds. When he saw that I wasn't going to hold him up at all; his whole attitude changed; and I was giggling inside like a schoolgirl; because I had just won my race!!!
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