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Originally Posted by jimepting View Post
Sorry to hear about the technical problems with the boat-tail, and doubly sorry to hear about the accident. Physical problems really slow down older folks. Ask me about that one.

I would certainly encourage you to show the boat-tail if you can. I know it is a work in progress, but there is nothing else like it in the nation and it is of immense interest to folks like the ecomodder set. Keep us informed please.

Curious as to why you are modifying the IMA fan to run it full time. Do you see a problem with the stock setup?

Jim E.
Thanks for the kind words Jim.

The tail has sat in the DRY garage for about three weeks now, which I hope is allowing all the water to escape/dry out. I got so used to driving the car with it on, that it seems kind of "naked" without it now. Numerous people at work have asked about it as well. One person thought I had a different car!

Appearing at the Hybrid Fest will be totally dependent upon the weather. If it's a dry forecast and nothing pressing with the family, then I would certainly be open to driving there. I went last year on the motorcycle on Saturday, but did not bump into anyone, but you never know.

I enjoyed listening to the presentation by the lead Ford engineer about the Focus Hybrid, and then Wayne Gerdes about how his team got 81 mpg in a controlled loop.

AeroCivic had his car on display there as well.


Jim, there has been some discussion on IC about whether there is any advantage to having the fan run during heavy use of the IMA. I think even with my mild use of MIMA, that running the fan on low or even high has some merit.

I have wired an ON/OFF switch as well as a HI/LOW switch that allow this to happen. The switches are mounted on the outside of the IPU compartment for easy access.

Summer heat is hard on the IMA battery and proper cooling is important. Even in the winter time, with the cells very cold, running some cabin heat through the pack can help.

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