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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
There was a similar item sold through the late 1980's (prior to the advent of FI) where the radiator temps would spike on hill-climbs for tow vehicles [RV's]. Severe heat spike. It used a windshield washer pump, that reservoir made common (and/or enlarged) and distilled water recommended (for reasons above: corrosion and mineral build). IIRC it was four spray heads mounted so as to cover the entirety of the first heat exchanger (generally the A/C condenser).

By report this worked best -- the temporary increase in surface area -- in dry, hot, higher altitude climbs.

You mean prior to the return to forced induction. There had been supercharged road cars dating back to at least the 1920s, and turbocharging first was utilized in mass production in the early 60s at General Motors, ex the Corvair Monza flat six turbo, and the turbocharged version of the Buick 3500 V8 as installed in the Oldsmobile Cutlass Jetfire variant of the Buick Special/ GM Y-body in 1962
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