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The variable grille block to which you're referring is called a shutterstat~ been used on bigrigs for quite some time. This combined with extra thermostatically controlled fans is the best option, BUT is designed for HUGE cooling systems. As previously stated to hose the rad core you'd have to carry so much waterweight that it is impractical. If emergency cooling is in order enough to warrant such concern, then modifying driving conditions and increasing cooling capacity is in order.

At the risk of getting flamed, you're overthinking this. The reason newer cars run so hot's because they're designed to~ it increases the thermal efficiency of the motor. Every pound of pressure held by that fancy rad cap increases the boil point 3 degrees, raising the overall to 240-270 degrees running temps. If modifying driving conditions isn't in the plan, go for as big a radiator as you can fit, add thermo-fans set at different temps, and then MAYBE add that shutterstat if you can add enough capacity to the system.
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