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Originally Posted by skyl4rk View Post
I have been planning to build a similar cargo box, delayed by a boatbuilding project.
First build the boat, then the boattail?

Originally Posted by skyl4rk View Post
Are the cops in Poland that picky? Can't you get away with stuff? Here, most people ignore the laws, at least the details of the law. There are very few cops around here in the countryside.
Not yet, or at least I've been lucky. The only attention from police is when they take pictures with their phones Even when I got stopped for speeding the policeman didn't say a word about my mods. Though I have noticed that when I pass a patrol one of the policemen usually has a "WTF?!? I wish I'd stopped that car!" expression on his face. Then I check in my mirror if he's fired up and chasing me for a second look, but no luck, yet.

It's the yearly inspection which is a potential problem, either because the inspector wants to solicite a bribe, or b/c he's afraid that if I get into trouble then the authorities will easily see which inspection station OK'ed me.

EDIT: Maybe I should register my car in Ukraine, where technical inspections have recently ceased (in an effort to stop the widespread bribery between inspectors and car owners)?

Originally Posted by lunarhighway View Post
what about laws regarding trailers? i'm sure they must have some regulations for them (and perhaps the fewer the better).

what i'm thinking is if you add two wheels to the tail and perhaps some other things to place it in the legal definition of a trailer, (without being one)
if you'd ever get into some legal trouble because of the contraption, and you can prove it's legally a trailer, they can't do much. bit of a silly idea perhaps, but if lawmakers fail to be creative you must
That's actually a good idea, but trailers have their own set of can&cannot laws, which may include a minimal distance between the trailer itself and the rear of the car. On the other hand, I doubt that any law specifically states that a trailer's wheels must be in contact with the ground at all times... Though I probably won't get away with just painting wheels on the sides, so there will be a weight penalty for the wheels.

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
I bet he knows Allert Jacobs, who made the super streamlined ICE-powered motorbike. If you look through Allert's site ( Allert ), you'll see they even share a few photos of the comparison of upright vs. recumbent rider position.
It's that comparison photo which turned on a light. Those guys doing great!

Back on topic, this A2's aerotail just reminded me of Bondo's Box
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