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Originally Posted by larrybuck View Post
Once in a while though; three people will stand in a circle blocking the path in an area of wide flat grass right next to them. From 70 yards away, you can see that one of them sees you coming. But they won't interupt the conversation to warn the others, so at the last second, chaos wins. I don't mind going by on the grass, but when I'm going down the right side of the path/trail; I think it should be obvious to all what my intended routing is!! It's like they don't have a clue!
Just yell "ON YOUR RIGHT!" like you're on a bike, and the person paying the least attention may clear the way.

Same at airports. People stand in the middle of the terminal chatting like it's their private lounge or something. I often try to take the "ramming speed" approach, even with luggage in-tow. If eye contact is made (with a little hint of crazy) most people will move a bit. It's not a bit deal, unless it means missing the connection and getting stuck somewhere overnight.

It's just a lack of courtesy for others in both situations. Same on the road. I have a policy of staying out of others' way when driving, the best I can -- my FE could be better, but there would be lots angry people out there (not my ultimate goal). Don't get me started on the lack of respect for the Hybrid -- it's like an invisibility cloak.

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