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Thumbs up Convert a prius

So I realize this thread is pretty old. Not sure if carwhisperer ever did this conversion but I found this searching google.

I have the same idea but to make an efficient car even more efficient. Imagine shaving another 800 lbs (guessing)off a prius. And then shave off another wheel of rolling resistance.

My idea is to make it a two seater with the battery just behind the driver. Really all your doing is building a wall behind the driver. Further weight reduction would be the stock power seats to be removed and put in manual racing type seats. A small subframe would be built to carry the rear suspension/wheel. A salvaged Prius that has been smacked in the rear would be a perfect caninidate.

And you could keep it registered as a Prius, no smog, and get even better mpg than the civic.
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