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Please help me guys

I am using OBDuino for a few monts and all the time I have the same problem. I can not set up fuel consumption correctly. I think that INSTANT CONS is OK because we can adjust it, but average consumption TANK CONS or TRIP CONS are not accurate at all. I put the values about thank and distance and I get average consumption OK at the start. But with the time while driveing my car that value (tank consumption or trip consumption) just going lower and lower. It is starting with about 7 L/100km which is OK and while driveing it is decreasing to the 3,5-4 L/100km which is not normal. I am driveing Chevrolet Lacetti 1,4. My calculatins shows that consumption in the city with a lot of stops is around 9 L/100km and out of the city consumption is bit lower and depending of driveing style it is between 5 and 7 L/100km.

Is there a problem with formula for consumption calculation? Or I am missing something else?
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