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1000A testing

I'll shed some light on the 1000A testing.

I have one of the three beta 1000A units. And I have all the stuff to test it except time. At the time Paul was building the 1000A unit I had a 72V system on lead acid. I wanted the lifepo4's anyway so the 1000A testing was a good excuse to order them.. which I did.. 8 weeks leadtime.. crap.

At the time I got the lipo's I realized I had to get a new charger.. easier said than done.. the Zivan NG3 I ordered had a lead time of 6 weeks.

I the meantime I tried to charge some individual cell with a meanwell DC supply.. and forgot about them.. and no BMS overcharged 6 cells.. crap. Had to order new ones.. took three weeks to get.

This is where I am now.. I got the replacement lifepo4's yesterday.

Also I have to swap the D&D motor or the warp 9 I have laying around.. I'm afraid the D&D will melt on the 1000A.

Anyone knows the status of the other 2 beta's?
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