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My kill switch is not stealthy. It's a flip switch about an inch long, amber color, that originally ran a set of fog lamps that I removed after buying the car. It's on the left side of the dash. Down for "run", up for "off", in my case.

I can't tell you from the pic whether it will work or not. I'm sure if you run the right wires to it and break the circuit at the right point, it will do the job.

I can tell you this though. You need about 2-3 seconds of time when the injectors are shut off, for the engine to come to a stop. Then I want to restore the injector circuit. If your new switch requires holding it down to disable the circuit, you'll be holding it down for a duration.

My setup gives a yellow check engine light (CEL) as soon as I cut the injector power. So as soon as the red dash lights and the tach indicate the engine is stopped, I flip the switch back on. That way the computer is happy and the CEL goes away. And as soon as I want to bump start it, the injectors are already switched on. They "spit" no fuel while its stalled of course as the rpm's are zero.

Good luck with it!!
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