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Originally Posted by larrydag View Post
Ok, so what were your secrets to getting mileage on the Auto? Good job!
I tested 3 routes over and over again. The freeway came in second to a route that has slower speed limits (where I can legally go between 42-45 mph) but 4 more stop lights. I also found that I could coast the last mile both to and from work with the engine off if I changed routes. I did some mods recorded in my vehicle log, one of which I tested (lower grill block) and it proved to be a clear improvement. The other mods I did not test, but they certainly had to help. I changed the time I went to and from work by 30 minutes and avoided a lot of hypermiler-hater traffic. Finally, I put my ecomodder window cling in the rear window (Thanks SVOboy).

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