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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
The good part is you win on total BTU, so the diesel is also used more efficiently.

It's this sort of benefits the HHO-crowd is screaming about, but can't realize as they have to produce their own H2.

Of course, going CNG all the way is better than diesel, but adding it to diesel is apparently more easily accepted in the transport world. The bi-fuel trucks will still run on diesel alone.
If we could get the same mpg or better, and the infrastructure was in place, we would use CNG. One less major overhaul to have. Heck, we could probably get 3 million or more miles out of an engine, save incredible amounts of money on oil changes, pollute way less, which means we won't get sick as much, not to mention the lower cost and domestic reserves which require no overseas supply. We have so much natural gas it's ridiculous.

OOPS, shoot, that's why we don't have straight CNG trucks now.
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