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Originally Posted by david85 View Post
Haha! he dragged me over here from FTE.....

For what its worth, I'm able to get 19 MPG towing a 20' flatbed trailer with 16" walls if I can keep it at 55 MPH. Same speed empty nets me 24 MPG.

With 3.08 gears and the transmission in overdrive, that puts me at 1200 RPM roughly. I will eventually retest those conditions in 3rd gear to see if the fuel economy is better or worse but the engine seems content to run at those low RPMs as long as the loading doesn't cause smoke lugging.

My old f250 was alway LOADED with tools I would say mostly it around 500-1000 lb in bed depend what work I do.

I have T19 4 speed with 3.55 No overdrive so highway I cruise 60 about 2,100 rpm if I remember. Tire were highway type. Size 235/85/16

I am hearing impaired so I only feel when it lug it act like struggle acceleration that mean rpm are too low to run with stuff in bed.
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